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"Cocktails on tap"

Cocktails on Draft

At Road Soda we create cocktail draft systems built for high-volume events and busy bars, our patented mobile systems feature. 


  • Capability for shaken, stirred and carbonated drinks.

  • Custom designed cocktail ready kegs

  • Three steps of pressure and gas control for each cocktail

  • Innovative refrigeration techniques

  • Modern and stylish tap handle design

  • Fully operational bar station with ice well and storage

  • Opportunities for branding, menu placement and sound and lighting

Road Soda has developed patented modified kegs for use in cocktail bars that want to make the most out of their cocktail on tap programs. Two different types of modified kegs are available in three different sizes. (2.5, 3 and 5 gallon) 


The shaken kegs are for use with shaken and carbonated drinks, stirred kegs are for more delicate stirred cocktails. 


Shaken & Carbonated Keg 

Aeration Stone for aerating shaken cocktails and carbonating carbonated cocktails 

Stirred Keg 

Crossed pipes to create a vortex within the keg to ‘Stir’ the cocktails  

custom kegs


keg pricing

Shaken Kegs

2.5 Gallon $ 200

3.0 Gallon $ 230

5.0 Gallon $ 260


Stirred Kegs

2.5 Gallon $ 170

3.0 Gallon $ 200

5.0 Gallon $ 230


Delivery Costs - TBD based on required shipping speed and size of order.

Discounts available for large purchases. 

For more information or a quote, please get in touch! /  Tel. 646-256-7261

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